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First Light (Hello World). Just getting started—please bear with me. I'm still building the nonfiction site for Galley City. Here's the deal. Like the HTML Novels at Galley City (Mainstream Fiction), all or most of the material here will be free to read—no strings, no tracking, no cookies, no pastries, not even breadcrumbs. The e-book and p-book editions are available for most articles and books appearing here. If you wish to thank the author, please feel free to purchase the e-book or p-book at Either way, thank you for reading. Please come visit again as often as you like. Remember this material is all registered with the Library of Congress Copyright Office and may not be copied, distributed, or altered in any way. You are free to share with your friends. Please post a link at your site if you have one, or Facebook page, or whatever. Every little bit helps.

Free Reading. Already, there is a lot of free material to read. Here are two examples:

Coronado Mystery. I have published three books about the sensational 1892 true crime and resulting famous ghost legend at the Hotel del Coronado in Coronado (across the Bay from the City of San Diego). I plan to release at least two more. You can read a lot of free information about this subject at a triple-header webplex (complex of websites). The sites are linked from this website under Coronado Mystery.

Missing Airliner MH370. I became intrigued with the mystery of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370, which disappeared in the Indian Ocean region in 2014. To date (January 2019), no clear consensus exists about what caused one of aviation history's most puzzling catastrophes. I read all the news items available in plain sight, and found some huge gaps between evidence and what governments in the region wanted us to believe. See the MH370 links on this website and read a ton of material at my separate website for this topic.

Other Books and Articles. You'll note a few titles listed on the index page. The plan is to soon post on this site most of those, and a lot of others, for free reading. They will of course include buy links (e-book, p-book) at just in case a reader feels like tossing a coin in the writer's proffered hat. There will be several categories of articles, including Holocene Mysteries and Holocene Histories.

Disclosure. When you read something, it's important for you to have a clear view of who is writing and what his or her views are in matters of general significance (politics, religion, etc.). That way, you can interpret what you are reading in an objective manner. Aside from being a novelist and poet, I am a professionally trained and experienced journalist with strong editorial and academic skills. My degrees are: B.A. in English, University of Connecticut, with minors and relateds in History, Languages, and Classics; B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems/Accounting from National University, San Diego; and M.S. in Business Administration, Boston University earned at the Overseas/Heidelberg Branch of B.U. Metropolitan College while serving honorably with the U.S. Army in West Germany for six years during the Cold War.

I am not a conspiracy or cultish theorist but an honest reporter. I remember the days when we spoke of Objective Journalism. I am not an academic or a subject matter expert in most fields, but I am trained to go out, do an objective analysis on all sides of a story, and bring you the facts. In some instances, I know enough to offer my own opinion on a subject; in every such instance, I will clearly and honestly state that it is my personal take on an element in the story. Some of my special nonfiction passions include History, Sciences, and perforce my lifelong passions of writing and publishing (fiction, poetry, and nonfiction). I particularly consider myself to be a history writer or journalist.

I am a citizen of both the U.S. and of Luxembourg, and therefore of the European Union, which I strongly support. I am fluent in several languages, including English, German, and Luxembourgeois, with smatterings of various Romance languages. I followed the Classical College Prep curriculum (four years of Latin) in high school, and continued some nodding excursions into Latin and Hellenic (Greek) at UConn and afterward. My religious background is Roman Catholic, but I take a global (very Post-Vatican Two) view that I call 'trans-Christian.' I have no interest in sectarian bickering. I tend to see good and bad in all religious persuasions, and try not to take sides other than my strong commitment to the Golden Rule above all things—"Treat others as you wish them to treat you" as expressed in Leviticus 19:18, Matthew 7:12, and many other sources of illumination.

As I will clarify in some upcoming texts, my social views are resolutely and strongly Progressive, including a firm advocacy of universal health care for all U.S. citizens—as citizens in every other modern industrialized nation long since already enjoy with profound benefit for all individuals and for society as a whole. Part of my mission in life is to educate U.S. citizens out of a corporate brainwash, for which the answer is simple: remove all profit motives from health care delivery, and outlaw the existence of a fake 'health insurance' industry that steals a trillion dollars a year from the U.S. economy, contributes absolutely nothing as a parasitic bottom feeder element that causes the deaths of over 45,000 U.S. citizens per year (one on average every 11 minutes) per a landmark 2009 Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, and Cambridge Health Systems study based on massive U.S. Government data.

I am a strong believer in human equality in all areas, including gender, race, ethnicity, and any other characteristics of diversity that enrich our common human experience. Having lived and worked in several nations on two continents, as well as being widely read, my life experience tells me that all humans are the same no matter where we go: mostly decent, with a few bad ones sprinkled in, and a number of shining examples.

I am not vegan, but I strongly believe in animal rights and particularly deplore cruelty—to humans, to animals, to all life forms, and to the planet that is our universal mother. I also abjure bullying and other tactics whereby humans senselessly hurt others. Oddly enough, all that sounds a lot like proper Christianity or Judaism (or most such persuasions) now that I think of it. Yes, which leads me to add a final comment: aside from violence and cruelty, there is little so foul as hypocrisy. We are all sinners, yours truly included, but there is hope for all of us. With a bit of leadership, the whole team could theoretically reach our compass horizon on the map of life. At least, that is the theory. The reality…hmmm... what my good drill sergeant (a Southerner) in Basic Training used to call 'a hummm on ya.' As in "um-um" while shaking the head and making an ominous face.

With all that on the table and clear, I hope you will enjoy the fruits and writings of my researches into topics that interest me. I love to research, and I love to write about my findings. I once placed in a writing contest as a teenager in Connecticut, where I dashed off an article and submitted it to a newspaper competition. The category I did best in was "Informal Essay," and that is a style in which I prefer to write. Cheers!—JTC 2 Jan 2019 Blade Runner Year (BRY) San Diego, California.