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How to Drink your same Coffee Ten Times or More

Nonfiction is Fun. I've been writing nonfiction essays, articles, and books for many years. During the earlier days of Internet publishing, I published tons of material on Fictionwise (now defunct), which was from about 2000-2012 the premier online venue for digital publishing. Not only did I and my authors at Clocktower Books have many bestsellers and great performers in all fiction categories, but I (John T. Cullen, your information geek with three college degrees and an insatiable desire to tell people things) practically owned the Nonfiction/History section at Fictionwise for several years. I published fun, informative articles in other Fictionwise Nonfiction categories—like how to bake a great pizza, or what animist religion is really all about, or when our next ice age might come—if we don't fry up first due to the very real and critical global warming crisis going on right now.

Read-a-Latte. I've been trying for some time to figure out how to best package my nonfiction output. I've tried a number of concepts like Spyglass Journal, The Reading Room, and so forth. I've had this cool domain name kicking around (read-a-latte) which is obviously a pun on "read-a-lot." When I went looking for a good stock photo image to support this trope, I stumbled on that wondeful guy in the cup... and Geek-a-Latte was born. So there you have it. No great magic about it. If you enjoy geekistry like I do, have fun! If not, please do enjoy my fiction or poetry, and have a wonderful day.

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